Nai (Main Character of the Story)Edit

Nai's appearance is large,reddish eyes with some pale face features. He has short,white hair with two tips that are bit of lavender. But actually corfirmed as a animal called,Niji made by Karoku.


Nai is a kind and innocent,alebeit quite naive character. Due to finding Karoku,he tends on those others around him who are willing to lend him help.

When Gareki first found Nai in a red,royal mansion,he didn't know what blood was as to him called,"red water".Gareki was brave as he dove to save a endangered animal(Nai) from Varuga(a mystery organization) when they were attacked alone.He is eager to help others and incredibly loyal to his friends.


Gareki is protective and provided for Nai for a lot of selfish reasoning,he takes care of Nai and becomes his surrogate older brother.Nai also shows his care of Gareki but when Karoku says to him in a dream,"You don't want him to break,do you?" that is why Nai is pushing Gareki in order to protect him.But later this conflict was resolved,now they are close again.

Karneval -3

Nai and his best friends(Gareki,Tsukumo,Yogi


Yogi and Nai are good friends,of his bubbly and childish personality,he is a wonderful playmate to Nai.He also protects Nai from potenial threats/dangers.Nai is a big fan of Nyanperona(cat costume of Yogi weared in episode one.Nai enjoys eating Yogi's Star Prince homemade yogurt.


Tskumo is Nai's tutor and teaching him things that he is unsure in the world.She is extremely kind and just like Yogi she is protective of Nai's safety that he is uninjured.When Tskumo was missing he was very worried,but she came back he was very happy.

Nai's True Form

Nai's True Form of Niji

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Nai and Tsukumo making cute karneval characters toys